Davo Scheich, has been pioneering new media photography and automated imaging systems for the automotive industry since 1986. From 360-degree 'spin' technology to comprehensive inventory photography systems, Davo always been a "game changer".

Davo’s focus has been on OVAD CUSTOM STAGES – building Automated Inventory Management Systems for Online Retailers. From Automotive to Small Merchandise, these systems streamline the way merchandise is presented to online consumers: BETTER–FASTER.

Ovad Custom Stages automotive PhotoDome, PhotoShell, and PhotoTunnel, solutions shoot advertising quality images at all angles, then names, optimizes & uploads images to your server in seconds. Ovad Stages has also invented several other photo solutions to enhance Dealership inventory photography.

All DavoPhoto and Ovad Custom Stages automative-related tech is now the intellectual property of Carvana.com. Davo Scheich is now a Senior Designer of photosystems at Carvana.com and is no longer accepting freelance assignments.